Friday’s deals: Amazon Gift Card promo, $12 Beckham Lodge pillows, $seventy 9 robot vacuum, more
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Early Black Friday sales are all over the internet now and you won’t believe all the crazy deals. From the Best Buy early Black Friday sale to Amazon’s epic daily deals page, popular products from every category have deep discounts. Then, on top of that, Amazon is giving away up to $22 in FREE MONEY…
Facebook’s Vanishing Act Defined
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On Monday, Facebook vanished from the Internet, along with the company's other platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp. Although all of them were back up and functioning by the end of the day, for the more than five hours during which they were down, Facebook potentially lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue...
Every little thing You Need To Know About VPN
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While everyone has started sharing their lives, personal data on the internet, it has become a complicated place. You will see a lot of stories about hackers hacking accounts and stealing personal data and selling it. Online privacy is very crucial in this time period. We are possessive of tangible things while neglecting all the…
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