Google Fiber Woke Up From a Coma
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After several years of stagnation, Google Fiber is expanding its service to several new regions. The provider hopes to add five new states to its network, including Nevada and Idaho. It’s an ambitious plan that should provide high-speed internet in some of the United States’ most underserved areas.Read This Article on Review Geek ›...
Some scientists inform cats are an ‘invasive alien species’
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Cats get a lot of love on the internet, and even though dogs are considered man’s best friend, many point to their feline companion as their go-to animal. A respected scientific institute has now taken a swing at the internet’s beloved felines. According to the Polish Academy of Sciences...
Lustrous iPhone app stops net sites from annoying that to uncover their apps
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I rarely visit Reddit on my phone because of the pop-ups telling me to download the Reddit app. This is especially frustrating because I already have the app. Unfortunately, Reddit isn’t the only site guilty of this behavior. Several of the most popular sites on the internet pull the same stunt...
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