What Is 5G, and How Like a flash Is It?
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According to mobile carriers, it’s the latest, greatest thing: 5G, a fifth-generation wireless standard that is said to rival home internet speeds under ideal circumstances. Just how fast is it—and does it live up to the hype? We’ll take a look.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›...
Does presenting credibility labels of journalistic sources possess an influence on recordsdata consumption? Fresh explore finds restricted effects
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Labeling the credibility of information sources does not shift the consumption of news away from low-quality sources or reduce belief in widely circulated inaccurate claims among average internet users, but providing an indicator of sources' quality may improve the news diet quality of the heaviest consumers of misinformation...
Smarter automobiles received’t final you decades
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You won't be able to own a car for decades when its on-board software becomes outmoded and can't be updated. Deposit PhotosEphemeral car software and the Internet of Things are killing the 'car you own forever' era. The post Smarter cars won’t last you decades appeared first on Popular Science...
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