October 29, 2021
Building CeDeFi: Constructing Abilities For Enforcing the Simplest of CeFi and DeFi
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Historically, computing technology typically hits significant milestones that influence the course of history in 10 – 15 year cycles. The mid-80s was the era of PCs, the Internet reshaped the 90s, smartphones upended the 2000s, and since the introduction of the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, blockchain technology has been reshaping the course of history with…
Subspace Rebuilt the Cyber net for Steady-Time Applications
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The Internet was designed to move data worldwide, and to do so in spite of disruptions from natural disasters, nuclear attacks, or other catastrophes. At first the goal was just to increase the volume of data moving over networks. But with the rising importance of real-time applications like videoconferencing and online gaming...