If you use this popular having a see app, your individual data could well’ve been uncovered
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Internet commerce has exploded over the past year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which confined millions of people around the world to their homes for months on end in addition to shuttering all kinds of shops and commercial enterprises. That forced consumers to rely more than ever on the delivery of goods to…
Japanese guy’s iPhone mercurial-draw device
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Look, I know the title of this post kind of makes sense and when you read it you're thinking, "This is probably a Japanese guy who made a way to pull his iPhone out really quickly." And that's a fair assumption. But what this video actually is is pure internet majesty. This is the internet…
Apna raises $70 million to abet workers in India steady jobs
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Indian cities are home to hundreds of millions of low-skilled workers who hail from villages in search of work. Many of them have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic that has slowed several economic activities in the world’s second-largest internet market. Apna, a startup by an Apple alum, is helping millions of such blue…
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