This App Lets You Browse the Recordsdata superhighway on Your Apple Watch
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Ever wanted to browse the internet on your Apple Watch? There’s an app called µBrowser ($0.99) that lets you do just that, so that if your phone is dead or you’re at the gym without it, your Apple Watch can still help you find things on the web.Read more...
Procure access to hundreds of documentaries and safe records superhighway
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If you want the best out of your media, then there are two things you should be looking for: a streaming service that actually gives you what you want and a way to protect yourself while you’re online. MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service & KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscriptions does both of those jobs beautifully...
The technique to Check If Your Server Is At possibility of the log4j Java Exploit (Log4Shell)
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A critical exploit in widespread Java library has been found, disrupting much of the internet as server admins scramble to fix it. The vulnerable component, log4j, is used everywhere as an included library, so you will need to check your servers and make sure they’re updated.Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›...
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