Coldplay and BTS destroy YouTube with novel single ‘My Universe’
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For the second time in a matter of days, Korean pop band BTS “broke” the internet with one of their new singles. It first happened at the United Nations, where the K-pop band shot a special video of their hit song Permission to Dance. Aside from their music, the BTS team addressed the UN assembly…
Video Friday: DARPA Subterranean Disaster Final
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This week we have a special DARPA SubT edition of Video Friday, both because the SubT Final is happening this week and is amazing, and also because (if I'm being honest) the SubT Final is happening this week and is amazing and I've spent all week covering it mostly in a cave with zero access…
12 Higher Programs to Browse the Web on Your iPhone
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One of the best new features of Safari in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is its support for extensions. They’re cool new ways to add some excellent features to your web browsing experience, but unfortunately, the App Store doesn’t make it easy to find the best ones on iOS 15. We’re here to fill the…
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