That is Bo Burnham’s White Lady Instagram tune from his Netflix particular Interior. I already posted Bo Burnham’s Welcome to the Files superhighway video, but he’s a one man yelp machine and I’m able to now not again but pork up the man. I in actuality feel fancy in the end I am going to ultimate be posting the total Netflix particular in items because it’s uploaded to YouTube and I 100% attach now not want any rep 22 situation with that. All once more, Bo did the entirety you hit upon on this video by himself, alone, while in lockdown all around the pandemic. Which formula writing the tune, performing the tune, filming himself, modifying the video, and actually the entirety else besides lay down the infrastructure for the Files superhighway that you’re utilizing to mediate about it.

Place going for the video and then mediate about his particular on Netflix. All once more, that is now not a paid sponsorship, it’s ultimate in actuality, in actuality, in actuality honest. Even though ought to you are now not into the 2 movies I’ve posted it’s doubtlessly now not for you.
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