‘Hello Google’ isn’t engaged on some Pixel Buds Pro
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If you have a pair of Pixel Buds Pro and Google has gone AWOL on your voice commands, you aren’t alone. As reported by 9to5Google, dozens of reports have popped up on social media and across the internet from Pixel Buds Pro owners who have discovered that interacting with the Google Assistant by voice on…
Google Fiber Woke Up From a Coma
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After several years of stagnation, Google Fiber is expanding its service to several new regions. The provider hopes to add five new states to its network, including Nevada and Idaho. It’s an ambitious plan that should provide high-speed internet in some of the United States’ most underserved areas.Read This Article on Review Geek ›...
The Easiest Picks to Google Search
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Even the most privacy-minded, Google-hating internet users are afraid to ditch Google Search. But you don’t need Google for accurate search results or fancy features. Alternative search engines have finally reached maturity, and they now offer a compelling experience that can easily replace Google Search—you just have to pick one that you enjoy using.Read This…
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