How it’s good to well well perhaps presumably Fetch Your Google Maps Directions Sooner than Riding Through Sinful Reception
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Heading out for the great outdoors? Perhaps a different country or an area where the internet connection is spotty? You should download Google Maps offline before you step out. Once you have offline maps, you can use them to find your way, including turn-by-turn navigation when your GPS isn’t dependent on mobile data…Read more...
Google Fi VPN is now on hand on iPhone
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No matter how much you trust your internet connection, it’s always a good idea to add another layer of protection. One easy way to do that is to have a trusted virtual private network (VPN) app on all your devices. That includes smartphones and tablets, not just regular computers. That’s especially if you want to…
Google correct launched a novel characteristic to battle tense Google Power spam
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Bad actors on the internet are constantly finding new ways to send us spam. The emails, the phone calls, the texts — it’s impossible to avoid spam. If it can be used to communicate with others, someone will use it to spam you. One of the most obscure methods of spam is Google Drive spam,…