Google correct launched a novel characteristic to battle tense Google Power spam
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Bad actors on the internet are constantly finding new ways to send us spam. The emails, the phone calls, the texts — it’s impossible to avoid spam. If it can be used to communicate with others, someone will use it to spam you. One of the most obscure methods of spam is Google Drive spam,…
Why You Could perchance well peaceful Continuously Archive Your Social Posts (And How to Stop It)
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Social networks are a great way to stay connected to friends, family, current events, and everything else. But that doesn’t mean you should leave all of your stuff on this big ol’ internet for everyone to see until the end of time. Nay, you should regularly archive your old posts. Let’s talk about it.Read This…
7 Apps Every Movie Lover Wants
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I’ve never been very good at cultivating hobbies (whereas my brother-in-law is into creating his own baking extracts, I am into refreshing Twitter), but I do like watching movies, and the internet has made it possible for sitting on my ass in front of HBO Max to feel like a genuine leisure time pursuit. That…
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