Expertise Singularity At the present time
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BIG Technology is emerging now and ramping this decade. Early innovators and adopters will win. Those who invest in the winners will also win. Late adopters will lose badly. Just as those who were earliest on the internet and electric cars were winners. Early adopting countries won past technological shifts...
100 Trillion Parameter AI Coaching Objects
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Recommender AI systems are an important component of Internet services today: billion dollar revenue businesses like Amazon and Netflix are directly driven by recommendation services. AI recommenders get better as they get bigger. Several models have been previously released with billion parameters up to even trillion very recently...
The Out-of-Contact Adults’ Data to Youngster Culture: What’s Within the back of the ‘Girl Bro’ Meme?
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This week’s happenings in young people culture might give you whiplash. We’re going from extremely great internet things—hilariously stupid memes, positive YouTubers—to extremely terrible ones—manfluencer Andrew Tate, Meta’s horrifying VR platform Horizon Worlds. The falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart;…Read more...
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