The Out-of-Contact Adults’ Recordsdata to Child Culture: How Younger Is Too Younger to Race to Hooters?
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In Great Britain, they used to call the summer months “the silly season” because of the frivolous news stories that would populate the media due to the lack of “real” news. It seems to work the same way with young people on the internet: Summer is the silly season...
Netflix’s aesthetic unique docuseries will form you desire to leave the Net with out atomize
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Here’s a good rule of thumb to live by, if you’re a true-crime fan. If you ever see filmmaker/director Brian Knappenberger’s name attached to a new documentary project? Just go ahead and — especially in the case of his several Netflix titles — click the play button...
Why the next astronomical portray voltaic storm may maybe presumably presumably hit Earth
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A big solar storm could fry the internet, but at least space weather forecasts would give us a day or two to prepare. Or maybe not, because physicists have just discovered a new kind of solar storm that strikes without notice...
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