Colonial Pipeline is a Wakeup Call for IoT Security
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In 2021, the internet of things (IoT) will have global revenue of $212 billion from installing 35 billion (IoT) new devices in the year. This could reach $3 trillion of revenue by 2026. Each household in the developed world will have an average of 50 connected devices. This will be smartphones, speakers, 5G and home…
use the Terminal to seek what Mac processes are gaining access to the win
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If you’ve ever wondered about which programs are using your internet connection at any point in time, here’s one way to find out using Terminal. Open Terminal, in Applications > Utilities, and run this command: lsof -P -i -n | cut -f 1 -d " " | uniq When you press return, you’ll see a…
PSA: The Play Retailer Has a Hidden Offline Sport on Android
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Google Chrome has a dinosaur game you can play inside the browser when there’s no internet connection. It’s cute, fun, and a nice way to kill time. The Play Store on Android devices has an offline game, too.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
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