10 early Dark Friday affords you don’t are searching to omit on Sunday
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There are three early Black Friday sales that are taking the internet by storm right now. Especially today, on Sunday, since tons of new deals just went live on best-selling holiday gifts. If you’re not shopping all three of these sales, you’re missing out on some of the best deals of the season...
What Of us Ought to Know About Entertaining Disorder Enlighten material on Social Media
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From the earliest internet forums, to millions of teens’ current TikTok feeds, there has always been an active, influential online culture of “pro” eating disorder “advice” (aka pro-ana or pro-ED content). These online communities are as nuanced as the people who frequent them, full of posts that run the gamut from…Read more...
6 Techniques to Minimize Shady-Ass Tracking on Your Computer
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Just as they do on your iPhone, Mac and PC apps request permission to use sensitive information, such as your microphone, location, and camera. There’s no foolproof way to protect your privacy completely on any device connected to the internet, but there are ways to reduce tracking from shady apps and advertising…Read more...
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