Policing the digital divide: How racial bias can limit Net salvage entry to for folks of color
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University of Pennsylvania) A new study from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania investigated the ways that institutions control who has access to Wi-Fi. The findings indicate that powerful institutions and privileged people use quality-of-life policing -- the report and/or arrest of individuals engaged in nonviolent offenses such as loitering...
Tricks on how to look for Aaron Factor in try to atomize the AL residence bustle file on Apple TV+
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Starting on Friday, April 8, Apple TV+ began streaming Friday Night Baseball, a weekly doubleheader that will be available for free to anyone with internet access in one of the countries where the service will be available. You don’t need to subscribe to Apple TV+ to watch any of these games in the schedule that has been…
Why Your Wifi Router Needs a ‘Guest Mode’
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It might not feel like it, but your wifi router is one of the most personal things you have in your home. All the internet traffic from every connected gadget in your home goes through this little device. That’s reason enough to protect it from any outsider—and protecting your main internet connection doesn’t require…Read more...
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