Subsequent SpaceX Starlink Satellites Will Accumulate Communication Lasers
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SpaceX is adding laser crosslinks to Starlink satellites. These links allow satellites to transfer information to one another and communicate in other ways as well. SpaceX will use lasers to communicate between satellites in space and reduce the use of ground stations. This will allow satellite internet coverage to reach areas where ground stations cannot…
Google Fi VPN is now on hand on iPhone
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No matter how much you trust your internet connection, it’s always a good idea to add another layer of protection. One easy way to do that is to have a trusted virtual private network (VPN) app on all your devices. That includes smartphones and tablets, not just regular computers. That’s especially if you want to…
Amazon’s one-day sale speeds up your position web and saves you money every month
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So many of us are working from home more often nowadays. It leads to a little more flexibility potentially and can allow you to enjoy your home while you’re working from it. But there are some upgrades needed if you’re looking to do it more often. For one, you may need more storage for your…
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