What Does “Renew Your Wi-Fi Rent” Mean, and Could also just tranquil You End It?
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Have you ever wondered what “renewing a Wi-Fi lease” does on your device? It might sound like you’re renewing your plan with your internet service provider, but that’s not the case. So what is it really doing? Let’s find out.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›...
Here’s How Automobile Wi-Fi Works
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These days having reliable access to the internet is pretty essential, and that includes while you’re in a car. Thankfully, car Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly more common, but it’s not always clear how it works, how fast it is, or if you (and passengers) can use it when the car is off.Read This Article on…
Is Automobile Wi-Fi Worth It?
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Car internet systems are becoming more common by the day, and once your free trial expires, you may be asking yourself if car Wi-Fi is worth the price. It’s important to know how it works, how it differs from sharing your phone’s connection, how fast your car’s internet will be...